Testimonial By, Alexander Mitchen


I came to this office with many dental problems, missing and falling out teeth from previous questionable dental treatments. Dr. Barbanell did a terrific job with implants that changed my whole experience in my mouth. I have more teeth to chew on now than I had in years before. I feel how that changed the quality of my chewing and digestion. This is a great feeling! Besides back teeth implants and bridges, I also had my four front upper teeth fixed with a beautiful bridge!

Dr. DeLaCruz is a perfectionist that didn't not let me out of the chair until I got that "million $$$ smile". And I did not have to pay a million dollars! Dr. Barbanell and Dr. DeLaCruz provide outstanding service, great expertise in complex (almost hopeless, as in my case) dentistry and have created a great environment for their patients. Their staff is outstanding! I have not seen so much expertise in some dentists that their dental assistants have! This was a great experience! Thank you!