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Priscilla D.


If you are considering getting dental implants, you are in luck: you have found Dr. Ron Barbanell and his ADHP staff. After having a tooth extracted where a triple crown had been, I was left with a gaping whole and a very distressed area in my mouth. I sought out two dentists who both gave me exorbitant estimates re dental implants. So I started researching other possibilities and by chance came across the ADHP website. Impressed by Dr. B's prices, philosophy, and expertise, I

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Knut Husby


I received my first implant preparation a year and half ago - the prep and a partial for me that have lasted a very long time - and today I received my duplicate (for piece of mind) prior to arranging the final implant process - the doctors and nurses have been outstanding in their service.

Douglas Sonntag


It was an amazing experience having this work done. I had seven implants and the treatment took a little over a year. The entire staff was wonderful and made sure I was pleased every step of the way. I could not be more pleased with the results & would gladly recommend this office to anyone. Thank you so much for giving my smile back.

Leonard Selvig


The most important quality I look for in a dentist is honesty. Dr. Ron Barbanell is honest, plus he is very caring and personable dentist. Dr. Barbanell prices for dental implants are the lowest I could find. Over the years, I have been to many dentists and Dr. Barbanell is by far the best! I have a bridge that was installed about 5 years ago. My dentist suggested that I replace it with dental implants. I asked for a quote

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Ernest Fusi


Hi about a year ago I cracked a back tooth, that had to be extracted, and needed an implant. I was quoted amounts for implants in my home area between $3.000.00 and $4,000.00. I looked on the internet and came across Dr.Barbanell in fallbrook, called his office to ask about the $1,400.00 total price of implant. Made an appointment. After filling out the paper work, was called to the back. Talked to DR. Barbanell and DR. DeLaCruz very friendly caring

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Barbara Smith


I have been a patient of both Dr's Barbanell and DeLaCruz for the past several years. They both worked very hard to take good care of a challenging array of teeth. However, in 2007, I made the decision to ask Dr. Barbanell about implants. To my surprise he agreed that I was a candidate for this work. I now have multiple implants and am totally satisfied. My follow up checks have been every 1-2 yrs with intermittent cleaning by the

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Alexander Mitchen


I came to this office with many dental problems, missing and falling out teeth from previous questionable dental treatments. Dr. Barbanell did a terrific job with implants that changed my whole experience in my mouth. I have more teeth to chew on now than I had in years before. I feel how that changed the quality of my chewing and digestion. This is a great feeling! Besides back teeth implants and bridges, I also had my four front upper teeth

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William Lee


I have been a patient of Dr Barbanell for over thirty years. His staff is great''' They communicate well with each other. It is nice that I can have my teeth cleaned & dental done at the same office. I plan on getting another implant done as the price is very reasonable. Compared to a few others.

William Kern


I have been with Dr. Barbanell and his staff for 30 years and have the best treatment and I feel like I am part of the family of Barbanell & the staff. My wife & kids have been here also, we think his staff are the best, that you can get anywhere. They take care of what you want & consult with you & what is best for you, and you feel you are part of the team. They are

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Robyn Perry


Dr. Barbanell gave me my smile back. After having to have 3 teeth pulled he was able to put implants in. These do take several months but well worth the wait. I've read that the waiting time is bad. I've never experienced that. They are timely & the staff is wonderful. They make me feel like family. Dr. Barbanell & Dr. DelaCruz are my dentists for life.

Ria Duuring


Made me feel comfortable, I had absolute confidence in him. Gentle assistants were right there to help. The staff was friendly & helpful. The scheduled appointment was adhered to. I would consider my overall experience as "Excellent".

Fedor Dimov & Margarita Dimov


Thanks a lot to Dr. Barbanell for his professionalism and charm. I have 4 wonderful implants without any discomfort and suffering. Moreover I didn't take pills that were prescribed to me by doctor (sorry), because I didn't' have any pain and problems. Excellent job. And everything else is very affordable. I will recommend him to my friends my husband has favorable long-term relationship with Dr. Barbanell (he has a lot of implants) and he led me to him. Thank you

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Andrew Yoon

Andrew Yoon


Quality and care of dental work by Dr. Barbanell & his team was very professional an affordable. The treatment took less than a full year from the bone graft to the final implant. Thank you to ADHP for a great job!

Charles Gray


I found Dr. Barbanell on the internet back in March, I'm living in Hayward Ca. where implants are very costly at 4,200.00 per tooth, finding Dr. Barbanell online allowed me to get all 7 implants done at a great price, believe me this was well worth flying down from the bay area and believe me I would do it all over again and the staff was very warm and kind.... Believe me best trip I've ever taken, thank you Dr.

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Andrea Paredes


The process is lengthy but worth the wait. My dental implant feels just like my former tooth, the bite is great and I have no discomfort. The staff was helpful and informative. Dr. Barbanell runs a tight ship.

Peter Jacobson

Peter Jacobson


Before I decided to have the initial consultation with Dr. Barbanell, I had spent several months looking at other implant providers. I had within the previous 6 months, suffered three broken teeth that could not support crowns. I also had a post crown that had so deteriorated that I was suffering from sinus drainage that was irritating my gums and bone. I suffer from periodontal disease and had been going to my regular dentist three times a year for deep cleanings

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James Gros


I am very pleased with my experience at ADHP. The quality of the care I received was great and at an affordable price. I have already recommended ADHP to some potential clients. Thanks for your professional care and outcome.

Annie Gholson


Thank you for the amazing dental implants, they look and feel like real teeth. Your staff is very friendly, smart and professional. The process to have dental implants was time-efficient.

Kenneth Flynn

Kenneth Flynn


I am extremely happy with the final product. The doctors and staff were very helpful with anything that I needed everybody was extremely nice and work was very professional. I would definitely recommend any family member or friend. Thank you for the wonderful smiling you have given me. I can't stop smiling and showing them off!

Jesse Valenciano


I am very happy with the implants. The staff are friendly & very personable. The whole experience was pleasant. I would definitely recommend their services to my family & friends.