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Carol Wells


Very professional caring with close follow through on color matching.

Jeff Rieder


I found Dr. Barbanell and was very impressed. I needed a lot of dental work and was initially directed to get dentures because my teeth were in such bad shape, but I am only 46 years old and didn't feel this was an option. I wanted implants but always thought they were too expensive, this was until I went to adhp. Dr. Barbanell took me right away without hesitation. I was in tremendous pain and ultimately needed several extractions. He

Robert Kubler


Dr. Barbanell treated me immediately for my decayed tooth and was able to place an implant in. The treatment was pain free and Dr. Barbanell very professional. I was surprised it was over so quickly and will be returning in the future. The staff in the office was otherwise professional and ready to meet my needs. The dental implant was very affordable and the doctor's extensive experience and expertise was a decisive factor in coming to him. My expectations were

Mireille Staub


Dear Dr. Barbanell, A note of thanks to you, and Vida, for your kindness and for saving my crowns yesterday. I admire not only your implant expertise, but also your skill in cutting my bridge, salvaging and re-cementing the crowns. You went well beyond what I expected. My best regards to you both, Mireille Staub

Donald McGruden


I was extremely impressed with Dr. Barbanell's ability to explain the implant process in layman's terms not to mention highly skilled touch in performing the implant placement. He made a very difficult procedure seem easy. I was very impressed and pleased with his work.

Don Glembotski


The bridge implant is so good I forget that it's not my own teeth. It makes me feel 20 years younger. Women actually flirt with me again.

Elisa Jurado


Solo quiero doeir grasias al doctor y al personal que trabjan con el por el buen trato y atencion. Ahova tengo una dontaduva conpleta y puedo sonreir mas segura. Tuve un buen trabajo con el implante y estoy satisfecha. Gracias doctor.

Aluizio Couto


Wow! I was surprised how nice the staff was and how painless and fast the procedure is. Thank you.

Marina Martin


I had an awesome experience at Dr. Barbanell's office. I've done a lot of research prior to coming in and his experience and achievements in the field of implant logy, as well as the reasonable, upfront fees quoted, were the deciding factors for me in choosing this doctor. Moreover, I live over one hour away and was willing to travel to have treatment at his Downey office. Upon arrival, I had a prompt consultation and X-rays - but that's not

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Bruce Chinn


I was first treated be Dr. Barbanell over 30 years ago for serious gum issues. The doctor's careful treatment restored my gums and gave me a positive long-term outcome. During this period of time, I have relied on his pleasant and skilled hygienists to keep my teeth clean and free of tartar. I would go nowhere else for this treatment. Four years ago I lost all my upper teeth and was required to wear a complete upper denture. I found

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Marie Babeyan


Very happy with Doctor's job. The bridge that I got feels like my own teeth. Office crews are very nice and professional. I would refer. Thank you.

Lazaro Rodrigues


My name is Lazaro Rodrigues, had an implant two years ago and very happy with it. It looks like my real tooth. Thanks.

Adoracion Talens


I had been delaying the implant for years. I met Dr. Barbanell 8 years ago and I knew that when I was ready, he was going to be my dentist. For the implant, the Experience couldn't be better. I regret not having done before.

Sharon Stiles


When trying to find an affordable dentist that did implants in my area (Long Beach) I found Dr. Barbanell on a Google Search. I was able to get a consultation appointment in a short period of time. I was seen on time and that was for the entire process. I have a lovely implant in the front of my lower teeth and no one would ever know. I am so very pleased. The employees were always professional, knowledgeable and nice

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Lino Gonzales


This is my 2nd dental implant procedure. The 1st, a single tooth replacement - took 5 visits and 9 months to complete. And as dental implants go, it wasn't inexpensive. So far this 2nd implant procedure, I have "shopped" around and compared 4 dentists for experience (1st impression) and affordability. My initial consultation with Dr. Barbanell turned out to be very positive. You can sense his experience and to top it off, his service is quite affordable! He charges the

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Ivan Torres


The procedure was fast. I felt like I was in good hands and everything was clearly explained. I really enjoyed the good price. I will definitely recommend him to other people. I wish I would have known before getting bridge work done. I look forward to coming back.

Adolia Larsen


El Dr. Barbanell is fabulous. El le la tiatrelo a mi mama. El miamo dia le removio 3 raises, y puelo ronele 3 implantes. El ano preado le pues 2 implantes y quedoron prespector. yo lo recommendo sin ninguna reservacion.

Trina Goodwin


I came in after doing lots of internet research and hopeful but not sure what to expect. Everyone was very nice and ended up getting my implant the same day. It was simple and painless as well. I've had a lot of dental work done and this was one of the best experience I've had. Plus whoever has been trying to talk me into going to Mexico because of how expensive implants are so it's a huge relief to find

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Yolanda Jimenez


Very quick & painless procedure - dental implants - caring staff and Dr. Barbanell was very sensitive & professional.

Thomas Ellingson


The job Dr Barbanell did on my implant was perfect. Color match & size is perfect, feels great. I would advise anybody to come here. Service and work was really good & not painful. Communication with patient was excellent. Sincerely, Tom Ellingson