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John Seminara


Had dental implants installed no problems? Little pain. Dr. Barbanell did a good job. The staff was very nice. I would recommend his service to someone else. Thank you.

Arman Bagdasarian


There are a lot of medical questions, but the procedure could not have been better of more professional. Be prepared for the speed with which it can be done compared to other implants I have endured I recommend him anytime.

Ken Bretana


I was very nervous about implants, with all of the mixed information online. Dr. Barbanell was the only one to really take the time to explain in detail how the system works and why it is so expensive. We are all concerned with money but when it comes to medicine we also worry about the quality of treatment. From the first few minutes of speaking with Dr. Barbanell I realized I made the right choice. His professionalism and knowledge put

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Herbert Tracy


Approximately ten years ago I had two dental implants; I chose them because of the problems I had with brides/partials, falling apart and limiting my diet. At that time I had determined that for the long run, implants were not only superior but more cost effective. The dentist told me that those two implants were the best teeth in my mouth; he was certainly right! After receiving total ridiculous price quotes on two additional implants that I needed I began

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Jutta Ujvary


I am very satisfied with the work & personal, friendly treatment that Dr. Barbanell had given me. My teeth feel and work perfectly!

Valerie Andes


One Sunday morning walking dogs, one of the dogs was so strong; he pulled me into a brick planter. My teeth were broken in the front. Called Dr. Barbanell and we started the long treatment. The result was excellent.

Martin Dryer


I wanted to express my appreciation for the care I received yesterday. It exceeded all my expectations. I thought your analysis of the best approach to resolve the problem was excellent. Your implant competency and skills were obvious and allowed me to relax, knowing I was in good hands. In Addition to all of this, you prices were great! Today, I feel great. I have no pain, no signs of swelling and no bleeding. Thank You.

Darcy Pabon


I had a very positive experience. Would have done it again without a second thought! Had no pain at all! Everyone from the Dr. Staff was A+++. Thanks for everything, Darcy Pabon.

Michael Bloomfield


If you want something done right, you go to a busy man. That is the experience I had with Doctor Ron Barbanell. He explained to me clearly what my costs will be with a respectful understanding of our current economical situation. His prices were the most reasonable and the work was excellent. He completed two implants in about 6 minutes. The Novocain given was not rushed and he really wanted me free of any pain. I felt very safe in

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Bob Bordier


I got my implant crowns two months ago and I am so pleased with my new teeth. Dr. Barbanell and his staff did a great job for me.

Sabine Alberti


I was the first patient at the Fallbrook office. After it opened in September, there was still a bit of confusion among the staff about who was going to do what exactly, but altogether i had a very pleasant experience. I appreciate the no gimmick approach, the reasonable fees and the quick procedure. My implant post was installed in about 15 minutes, x-rays and all. When I arrived at the pharmacy later to buy my medicines, I had no pain,

Anthony Torres


I had not been to the dentist in over 10 years based on my fear of doctors as a child. I was very pleasantly surprised to know that there was little to no pain at all. I received oral surgery and gum surgery restoration. No pain! Unbelievable! Dr. Barbanell is wonderful, professional and cares about his patients. He also has a great staff that includes my favorite M&Ms. Not the candy M&Ms, I'm referring to his assistants Maria, Maggie and

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Roger Seville


I had been investigating implants for over 6 months with implant "owners", two oral surgeons and two dentists. I was confused about the complete process. I was told about ADHP by a friend and made an appointment to learn more. One week later I had 3 implants! For me the experience was similar or less than the last tooth extraction. I had minimal discomfort, amazingly swift - perhaps an hour of "chair time". The office staff was efficient and professional.

Robert Sims

Robert Sims


I'm more than happy so far. It was for the most part painless and professionally done. The staffs were friendly too. I could now make a big smile without feeling self-conscious about a hole in my mouth.

Doming Leon

Doming Leon


Dr. Barbanell and Dr. De La Cruz performed an excellent implant work on me. After about 15 months or work, I had a reverse occlusion (pragmatism) which made this a difficult task and Dr Barbanell and De La Cruz did it. My wife and myself have seen Dr. Barbanell for about 20 years

Fe Francisco


I've had the implant for more than 20 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Dr Barbanell is one of the best.

Robert Testa


Dr. Barbanell and his staff are wonderful. Very attentive. I was finished in one day. I'm very happy.  

Noemi Fernandez


I deeply thank Dr. De La Cruz for correcting my under bite when I consulted him for two front lower cracked teeth. Two years ago, I cracked one tooth. A dentist put a filling in but it failed, and he put another filling in and it also came out. I decided to let it be and wait. Six months ago I had two implants put in my left lower side to replace a partial I had for thirty years. With

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Michael Cosgrove


I am very happy with my experience. The staff and doctor were very friendly. I believe that the value that I received was well worth the extra drive. I am going to send my mother here to have her implants done also.

Billy Simmons


It has been 7 months since I have had my implants. There have been no problems. The implants were done quickly & in a affordable manner. I will be recommending Dr. Barbanell to my friends & family. By the way, his office staff is superb