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Connie Davis


The doctor and staff are very friendly. With several implants the issue of affordability was important to my family. I feel this brought us to this office. I just had two implants and bone graph completed and the doctor took great care to make sure I was not in pain.

Tom Bonnette

Tom Bonnette


I am very impressed and pleased with the professional competence of Dr. Barbanell. The experience was pleasantly simple and painless. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing implants.

James Lyons


I first became acquainted with Dr. Barbanell's work while using the internet to research dental implant services. I was impressed with his presentation. It was adequate to provide even the most uneducated (which included me) in this area a good understanding of the implantation process and what it entailed. My first consideration was the Dr's credentials which turned out to be superior to any other that I reviewed. Second was cost for the level of service which was much more

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Tim Hodges


I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of care, both technically and personally. The staff is pleasant and gives a friendly personal touch. The Dr. Barbanell is obviously extremely confident in his abilities and his confidence erased any anxiety I might have had with my implant procedure. It was quick, nearly painless and, to a point, sort of an interesting experience.

Marvin Leob


Overall it has been a great experience. Staff is excellent. Procedure was smooth with minimal discomfort. I would recommend this office to anyone and will. Rap hail was excellent. Keep up the great work!

Javier Villegas

Javier Villegas


Extremely happy with my implant. Dr. Barbanell and staff did an outstanding job from beginning to end. No regrets...It really has made a big difference in my life.

Michael W


My experience was short and sweet; staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Barbanell was right to the point and the procedure was over in 10-15 minutes at most. Easy to work with and fair pricing. I wish I would have found about ADHP sooner.

Dan Notman


The procedure went well, no pain and quick. The staff was great, very helpful. Another satisfied customer.

Tom Bonette

Tom Bonette


I am extremely pleased with the (2) implants; and with Dr. Barbanell's professionalism. I would recommend his services to anyone without reservation.

Craig Johnson


Same day procedure (Extraction & Graft) was pain free. Dr. Barbanell was very conscientious of my comfort. I recommend him highly! I left their offices pain free. The services were explained to me in detail including my financial responsibility which was very affordable. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Josie Derayunan


It was nothing that I expected. The staff is wonderful, especially Maggie, she made me comfortable in every way possible. Br. Barbanell did the procedure in a few minutes without me experiencing any pain or discomfort. I was happy that I came to this office to have the procedure. I can't wait to see the outcome during my next check up. Overall everything is great and wonderful!

Mary Carrasquillo


I was welcomed and greeted by the office staff on my first visit which made me feel relaxed. Once I met Dr. Barbanell, he explained the procedure and I was able to get my implants placed in my mouth right away simple easy and no pain!

Marvin Loeb


I am surprised how well the new revised upper partial stays in and how it looks. It surpassed my expectations.

Louis Tsang

Louis Tsang


Friendly staff! Insertion of implants took 15 minutes for two implants!!! No pain following the insertions!!! If people knew how quick and painless this process was, they would be lined out the door or Dr. Barbanell's office waiting to see him. This entire plus have the cost of implants in the Santa Clarita Valley!!!

Edward Rohde


I am not a fan of going to the doctor or dentist. I was extremely nervous when I stopped in for a consultation, even though I didn't think anything would be done that day. To my surprise, and shock, Dr. Barbanell informed me that he could start the process right now. Shaking and sweating I agreed, when he informed me I would not feel a thing. He was not lying; I had zero pain and was done in 20 /

Peggy Parham

Peggy Parham


Over 25 years ago I was in desperate need of a dentist who did implants. Fortunately I found Dr. Barbanell It took almost 2 years for him to replace my 9 remaining teeth and do a full mouth implants. To this very day I still have these wonderful implants which I'm still reaping the benefits from. All of this is due to Dr. Barbanell's excellent work and dedication to his craft. Another reason that he's so successful is his intelligence

David Gonzalez


Personal Experience with Dr. Barbanell After losing a front tooth 25 years ago, and losing an adjacent tooth on a bridge earlier this year, I wanted something permanent that did not grind down adjacent good teeth. Not another bridge and not a plastic/porcelain "flipper". After looking on the internet, listening to radio ads, and asking my own dentist, I decided to get a consultation with Dr. Barbanell. Prior to the consultation, I knew what the typical prices were, and I

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Dorothea Polsey

Dorothea Polsey


I was one of Dr. Barbanell's first dental implant patients. When the procedure was completed, he informed me that it would probably only last 5 years. It is now 31 years later and I still have the implant and it has been trouble free.

Donna Shipman


I have been a patient of Dr. Barbanell for many years. He has done my implant today. I was nervous but was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the implant procedure was. I also was happy with the cost, which made the procedure affordable for me to do. Dr. Barbanell's cost was half the price of other doctors I had consulted with. He and his staff are very caring and easy to work with.

Gayle Gauger

Gayle Gauger


I am so excited about my implant. I can’t even explain how this makes me feel. Like I'm whole again. It seems like a long process but it goes really fast! And totally worth the wait. My tooth feels 100% natural!! And looks natural. Dr Barbanell is a wonderful dentist and surgeon. Very comforting during the procedures and his staff is very friendly and professional. Hopefully I don't have to come back for another implant but if I do I