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Fedor Dimov & Margarita Dimov


Thanks a lot to Dr. Barbanell for his professionalism and charm. I have 4 wonderful implants without any discomfort and suffering. Moreover I didn't take pills that were prescribed to me by doctor (sorry), because I didn't' have any pain and problems. Excellent job. And everything else is very affordable. I will recommend him to my friends my husband has favorable long-term relationship with Dr. Barbanell (he has a lot of implants) and he led me to him. Thank you

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Scott Teichert


Really no pain. Quick & easy.

Gilbert Miranda

Gilbert Miranda


Over two years ago, my former dentist had suggested placing a bridge once teeth 29 & 30 were extracted due to an old bridge which had fallen off. I did not feel comfortable with having a partial installed either so, I began searching the web for someone reputable, experienced, and not too expensive. I discovered Dr. Barbanell's web site, read his credentials, and decided to have an appointment to meet him. I was impressed with his demeanor and confidence and

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Robert Mull

Robert Mull


I was surprised at how painless this entire procedure was. I expected it to be very painful, but it was "Painless" including the novacaine shot.

Kenneth Bruins


Great job! It was as pain free as it gets.

Richard Meyer


Very satisfying. No Pain. Very professional and nice. Pricing very reasonable. Be back! Thanks, Richard F. Meyer

Robert Stiles


I was extremely pleased with the professional treatment I received by Dr. Barbanell. The implants are great and it was a totally painless procedure. Thank you Dr. Barbanell.

Ferdinand Lopez


Painless and very professional. Thanks.

Dennis Nakamura


I had two implants done, and the process was painless, and fairly efficient. It's only been a few weeks since my final visit, but all seems well, with no apparent complications

Bill Edwards


I am 81 years old. Dr. Barbanell extracted three teeth in the upper front, performed bone grafts, inserted five implants, and had a temporary bridge ready to be put in for a happy smile. I experienced no pain after the procedure and found it was unnecessary to take any pain pills following the surgery. Bill Edwards, Sr.

Terasa Ward


I am very happy with my implant. It was very easy procedure and for the most part painless. And the price is right!

Robert Mckeracher


This visit took a short period of time (2hrs) and was much better than expected. Dr. Barbanell is brief, frank and clear; best of all, the implant procedure took ten minutes and was literally painless. Despite my pre-conceived notions, the implant was easier, less painful and quicker than a regular cleaning!

Damon Harvey


Dr. Barbanell was just perfect for me, for it's been 30 years since I've been going to the dentist and wow! He'd do an implant in less than 10 minutes and I did not feel a thing. My fear has been blown away by Dr Barbanell. Thank You.

Brian Dunn


I could not believe how simple and painless the procedure was. Great surprise!

Barbara Pauliscak


I was pleasantly surprised at the professional, fast pain free process of my 3 implants. And you can't beat the price.

Harold Lake


I normally sink in the dentist's chair when the dentist tells me "This won't hurt". Experience had taught me that all dentists are not the same. I went to war twice and prefer warzones to visiting my dentist. I am now a believer. Best service, no pain, and a get-it-done ethic at a great price. I can't wait for my next implant.

Ron Friedlander


It was wonderful and painless I cannot be happier!!!

Tommy Lee


I had two implant on my lower jaw. The price was better than any other place. It took about 30 minutes and I had no pain. I have recommended ADHP to numerous friends and two have already made appointments. Excellent work, great staff.

Austin A Coulson

Austin A Coulson


Have worked with Dr. Barbanell for almost 4 years now on this website. I have had the chance to learn Dr. Barbanell's philosophies and morals first hand, while learning a great deal about the dental implant process and prices. In the course of making this site I have also had the opportunity to review tons of other dental implant sites. I have always been amazed by Dr. Barbanell's approach. Not only does he strive to be the best at what

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Mike Beham


Very fast efficient work. Little pain other then the numbing needle.