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We have created this web site to help you learn about dental implant care and dental implant cost and the relationship between the two. We will address dental implant costs and analyze in detail those of ourselves and others. We have also provided an extensive discussion about differences between affordable and expensive dental implants.

We believe every citizen has a moral duty to try to produce a service or product that will improve the quality of life for their fellow citizens. Whether you are an unskilled laborer or a brain surgeon, the opportunity to exercise this moral imperative is always present.

As dentists we want to be a skilled surgeons (technically as well as scholarly). We also want to be good businesspeople who advocates for our patients by giving them as much value for their money as possible, while still making a fair living for ourselves and our family.

Dental Implant Care & Costs

One way we can improve the outcome of dental implant care is by controlling all related dental implant costs, including setting our hourly fee (by far the largest cost for dental implant care) to be within the reach of regular people.

We can achieve this without compromising quality of service or self-sacrifice. Also to assist you in better understanding dental implant care in general, We have included actual patient photos and testimonials, a 3D presentation, and detailed explanations of dental implant placement, their restoration, and what to expect as a patient benefiting from this care.

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