Does Getting Dental Implants Hurt?

Placing dental implants is generally a relatively painless procedure when done by an expert dental implant specialist. Usually Novocaine or another similar local anesthetic is all that is necessary to eliminate discomfort during dental implant placement. I offer complementary oral sedation as an additional service to make dental implant placement as comfortable as possible. Dental implant patients may have oral sedation in the form of a pill (Ativan) to become sleepy and relaxed during the dental implant placement procedure. Many patients who take Ativan do not remember much of the dental implant placement procedure the next day and say they felt very relaxed and the procedure went by very quickly.

The level of discomfort after the local anesthetic wears off is based on the dental implant patient's individual tolerance for pain and the amount of dental implants placed. Single-tooth dental implant replacement procedures usually result in only minor post-placement discomfort. Most dental implant patients are pleased with the minimal amount of discomfort they experience, and many are able to return to work the same day. Pain medication is always prescribed for post-dental-implant placement healing. Many times Motrin or a similar anti-inflammatory is all that is needed to restore and maintain comfort. Some patients never take any pain medication at all. Procedures involving multiple teeth or larger surgical areas may cause more discomfort, and other pain medications are prescribed accordingly.

Don't just take my word for it see what my patients have to say.

"Was thinking do i really want to go thru with it. The thought of drilling a screw into my mouth , sounds painful. After procedure, a little discomfort the first day, but no pain. All in all a good choice would do again and would recommend to anyone who is thinking about implants. ADHP was good in easing my ears."

"Friendly staff! Insertion of implants took 15 minutes for two implants!!! No pain following the insertions!!! If people knew how quick and painless this process was, there would be lines out the door of the ADHP office waiting to see their dentists. All this plus half the cost of implants in the Santa Clarita Valley"

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