Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is the cost for an implant?

AA single back tooth implant will cost . A single front tooth implant will cost . Visit our dental implant cost page to learn more about our prices.

QWhat type of implants do you use?

AWe use both standard and mini (3mm) titanium implants.

QWhat is the time frame for a complete implant?

AIt depends on the patient. The placement of the original implant, the healing period, and the placement of the crown normally takes around 6 months.

QWhat type of material is used for a bone graft?

AWe use a combination of both synthetic and natural donor material. Click here to learn more about bone grafts.

QHow many appointments will I need to complete the treatment?

AIt depends. Some patients can get their implants the same day as their initial consultation. More complicated cases will require multiple visits.

QWhere are your offices?

AWe have 5 offices in Southern California; They're located in Downey, Long Beach, Torrance, Fallbrook, and Westlake Village. Click here for more information on our offices.

QWhat is the cost of a bone graft?

AIt depends on the size of the size of the socket. It can range anywhere between $200-$625.

QWhy would I need a bone graft?

AThe only case when a patient would need a bone graft is if there isn't enough bone to successfully place an implant. Click here to learn more about bone grafts.

QWill I have a missing tooth?

ANo. We will place a temporary crown on the implant between the time of placement of the implant and the final crown.

QHow can I tell if I need a bone graft?

AYou can set an initial consultation appointment so we can determine whether you need a bone graft. You can enter your information in the form on the top-right of this page to get a free consultation**. Click here to learn more about bone grafts.

QDoes the placement of the implant hurt?

AWe use a local anesthetic for our dental implant procedures, it is a generally painless process with only minor discomfort for a few days after the procedure. Click here for more information on whether getting implants hurt.

QHow long is each procedure?

AIt depends. Some procedures can take a little as a 5 minutes, whereas more complicated procedures can take longer. In order to determine exactly how long your case will take, you can fill out our free consultation** form at the top-right of this page.

QWhat is the difference in the different type of implants?

AAs far as material goes, we only use implants made of titanium. For size, the standard implant is used to fit a single tooth in place, whereas mini dental implants (also referred to as a denture implants) is used to secure dentures in place.

QCan I be put to sleep?

ATechnically no. We offer complementary oral sedation as an additional service to make dental implant placement as comfortable as possible. Those who use an oral sedative such as Ativan will become sleepy and more relaxed. Patients who use oral sedatives will not remember the procedure itself, but will still be conscious and responsive during the procedure.

QWill I need a driver?

AYou may need a driver if your treatment used a form of sedation. Patients react differently to different sedatives, but generally it's advised to have someone drive you home.

QI live out of state, how many appointments will I need?

AFor patients who live far away, we will try to accommodate to your needs as best as we can. Realize that you may require multiple visits and we won't be able to reimburse any hotel fees or other similar expenses. Click here to learn about our terms of services and privacy policy.

QI live out of state, which airport is the closest?

ALos Angeles International Airport (LAX) is closest airport to our 3 LA county offices. For directions, visit our offices page.

QI need directions, can you provide them?

AYes. We have links on both the very top and very bottom of this page. Or you can just click here for our office locations page.

QDo you take my insurance?

AWe accept all PPO insurance and all HMOs if you include a referral. Click here for a specific list of all insurances we accept.

QWill my insurance pay for dental implants?

AIf you have a PPO, it will likely pay for at least a portion of the treatment. Click here for a specific list of all insurances we accept.

QCan my general dentist do the crown?

ASome dentists will place crowns, but it will depend on who your dentist is.

QI have a denture, can I have implants?

AIf recommended, you may be able to get denture implants (mostly referred to as mini dental implants).

QCan an implant be done the same day as my consultation?

AYes, you don't require a bone graft or any extensive treatment, we can place a dental implant the same day as your consultation. Click here to learn more about same day dental implants.

QHow long will I be out of work?

AAs always, it will depend on the type of procedure you get, but in some cases, patients will be able to go back to work the next day.

QDo you use titanium implants?

AYes we do.

QI have 4 missing teeth, can I get 2 implants placed for 4 crowns?

ANo. In this case we do 4 implants for 4 crowns.

QWhich office is the best?

AAll our offices provide the same affordable, appropriate, high quality care. Our Fallbrook office is the newest, however we don't put too much effort into maintaining a fancy office. This helps us keep our overhead down, which helps us pass the savings onto you.

QHow soon can I get an appointment?

AIf you fill out our online consultation** form (at the top-right of this page) you will be contacted soon after to schedule an appointment.

QHave your fees gone up?

ANo. As of 8/1/2011 our prices have been the same. Click here for more information on our prices.

QIs there a guarantee?

AThere is no formal guarantee, but if you have an issue with your treatment (loose crown, etc.), you can let us know and we'll make sure that any issues will be taken care of.

QDo you take payments?

AYes, our policy is that you pay half at the start of treatment and then the other half when you get an impression of the crown.

QDo you offer gold crowns?

AYes we do. Our gold palladium crowns are around $790.