How We Reduce Dental Implants Cost

Though my experience and education qualify me as an expert dental implant specialist, my affordable tooth implant and periodontal surgery fees cost less than other similarly trained dental periodontists and dental implant specialists. There are less-expensive dental implant practitioners, but generally my experience and training in teeth implants and periodontal surgery are superior.

What are your current prices for complete dental implants?

A single dental implant, dental crown, and abutment costs from to for a single front tooth at ADHP Dental Offices. If additional tooth implants are needed there is a separate charge for each, but the more dental implants placed, the more affordable my fees are as compared to other dental implant specialists. In some instances three consecutive tooth implants and dental crowns cost as little as $4,185. Four consecutive back tooth implants and dental crowns cost also $5580.

What are your current prices for other supplemental treatments?

Upper front teeth implant replacements are often the most complicated to successfully place, and therefore may cost more. Tooth replacements with ADHP Dental Offices are still much less expensive than similar work done elsewhere. Our fees vary based upon the individual difficulty of the treatment for large cases. If tooth implant bone grafting is required, the cost of this bone implant care prior to placing a tooth implant or teeth implants will be discussed. A bone graft site rarely costs more than $490. Cost of a simple extraction is $200.

Potential dental implant (tooth implant) candidates can meet with with our dentist and be evaluated for an appropriate diagnosis and affordable treatment plan. Risks and benefits of alternative treatment options are always discussed at the initial dental implant consultation. If further appointments are necessary to complete the informed consent process, ordinarily there is no extra charge. In addition, individual diagnostic x-rays will be complimentary. Once a comprehensive personalized dental implant (tooth implants) treatment plan is chosen, we can discuss affordable dental implant costs on an individual basis. For patients who have had a consultation with another dentist, we are happy to provide a second opinion.

How do you keep your dental implant cost so low?

We have taken many steps to keep dental implant costs less expensive and within reach of people who can’t afford to break the bank to restore function and comfort. We always use high-quality titanium implants and prefabricated sterilized gowns and drapes. All materials are bought in bulk, and the basic fee for a dental implant is $895. A single dental implant abutment and dental crown rarely exceed the relatively inexpensive cost of . When multiple implants are required as described above, the cost of each is less. The devices supported by dental implants (dental crowns, bridges, or dentures) are similarly less expensive. Cost for multiple implants and the devices they support are discounted as more of each are required to treat the individual needs of a potential dental implant patient.

We realize time is money for all patients. Accordingly, we do our best to combine implant placement and restorative procedures into as few office visits as possible. Our outside specialty labs facilitates rapid, convenient, affordable dental implant care, and lowers our overhead costs so we can make dental implant costs more affordable.

We commit to one up-front fee for a complete personalized, affordable dental implant or periodontal care. Every practical alternative is discussed from a dental implant expert point of view. There will be no additional charges unless the individual circumstances of a patient's dental implant problem materially changes during the course of treatment. Expert dental implant staff help review our affordable suggested quality dental implant treatment plans with patients (including bone grafting) after they have been thoroughly discussed with our dentist. All services are performed in our Los Angeles Long Beach, Torrance, Downey, Norwalk, Van Nuys, & Fallbrook offices by our staff, so there will not be any additional bills from other offices or dental implant care providers unless patients prefer to use their general dentists to restore the dental implants. This “one-stop shop” type of dental implant and periodontal surgery care saves time, makes comprehensive dental care more affordable, and provides more opportunities for referred patients and our office staff to get to know each other during treatment.

When dental implant candidates are referred to our office by another dentist, we will work closely with the referring dentist to co-manage the referred patient's dental implant treatment plans. In these circumstances the referring dentist will bill the patient separately for the services rendered by that dentist. In such a situation, we will work closely with the patient and the referring dentist to make sure each step in the implant procedure is clearly laid out and that all costs are as affordable as possible. Fees for dental implants for those patients with their own local dentist are fully disclosed up front. Generally, even when we work with other dentists to provide dental implants, the total treatment by me is less expensive than when general dentists attempt to perform the same procedure.

Finally, in a continuing effort to make dental implants more affordable, we accept most credit cards at our dental offices, along with Core Credit & Lending Club..