Information for Out of Town Patients

Because implant supported restoration sometimes involve multiple appointments. I have tried to tailor care for Out of Town Patients (those who live more than 100 miles).

For those who need only a few teeth to replace, the trouble to travel long distances may be justified by the cost savings and experiences I offer.

It is best to have the sites where implants are desired to be ready for implant placement. Although I and my associates extract hopeless teeth for teeth not worth fixing, for those who come from far away, having the recipient sites ready for implant placement is generally preferable. There must always be enough bone remaining to support implants. Upper molar teeth areas approximating the sinus may need special grafting called sinus augmentation. This is often avoided, but nevertheless, sometimes necessary. Those who require this more complex car and live far away may not be the best candidates for "Out of Town Care."

I will review at no charge conventional x-rays or cat-scans (both which can more often be sent by email) at no charge to give a PRELIMINARY assessment of individual treatment challenges as best I can with this limited form of diagnostic material.