What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants, sometimes referred to as denture implants, are used primarily by dentists who don't want to do surgery and want to adapt dental implants into existing dentures on the same day. The mini dental implants I use are internally threaded to allow a wide variety of attachments (abutments) and can work with several kinds of dentures, both removable and semi-anchored. I can also retrieve or alter these dentures as needed.

Are Mini Dental Implants Less Expensive Than Standard Implants?

Dentists can offer mini-implants at a lower cost than regular implants, because they don't have to refer to a surgeon or send to a dental lab. Although usually less expensive, mini-implants provide less retention (hold) for the dentures than regular dental implants. Further, mini-implants are not suitable for permanent crowns or bridges.

For Dentures, Are Mini Dental Implants a Better Solution Than Standard Implants?

For most of my denture patients, I find that regular dental implants are the most effective choice. Sometimes, the width, depth, and condition of the remaining bone only allow me to use mini dental implants. however:

  • Mini implants, while user-friendly to inexperienced dentists, (perhaps minimally skilled in surgery and seek something "mini" for less likelihood of causing surrounding nerve or blood vessel damage), are simply less effective in denture retention.
  • Mini dental implants only come with a "ball and socket" connection to the denture, which provides some stability, but can never offer the security and confidence that comes from the increased retention of a regular dental implant.