What Happens at the Initial Consultation Appointment?

The first appointment with an expert implant dental specialist usually consists of an intra-oral exam, taking of a medical and dental history, and necessary x-rays. The x-rays and intra-oral exam will give me a good idea of the anatomy of the jaw and where the dental implants can be placed. Sometimes special x-rays (CAT Scans) are recommended for challenging potential dental implant sites. From this information a tentative or final treatment plan is decided upon.

Options, risks, and benefits of the dental implant procedure are discussed before dental implant placement begins. The ultimate objectives of the patient must be clear to me as the expert dental implant specialist, as well as to the patient. The extent to which I can achieve patient goals must be clearly and mutually understood by both myself and the patient prior to dental implant placement.

When a patient decides to proceed with dental implant treatment, I often take impressions to prepare a surgical guide. A guide is used especially when dental implants are placed in challenging cosmetic areas or sites where bone loss has been extensive and the ability to provide ideal dental implant placement is challenging. The typical fee for such a surgical guide is $125.

Written consent forms are explained to effectively disclose risks, benefits, and alternatives to dental implant treatment recommended by me as the expert dental implant specialist. Effective and thorough informed consent is my earliest priority in the dental implant process. Clear financial arrangements are also put into contractual form, stating precisely what procedures are to be done, what the costs are, and how payments are to be made. Every effort is made at my Torrance, Long Beach, Downey, Fallbrook, and Westlake Village dental offices to contain the cost of quality dental implants to make them more affordable.

Its important to note that in many instances I can place your low cost dental implant or implants the same day as I provide your dental implant consultation. Same Day Dental Implants