Dental Implant Case Study: Kristen Vyoral


Dental Implant Case Study: Kristen Vyoral


I get testimonials from my patients on a fairly regular basis. Some provide a few details here and there about their procedures, but rarely will they tell the whole story. This particular testimonial is from Kristen Vyoral and she explains that she has had several root canal failures and was quoted for treatment she was unable to afford. I was able to find a solution for her situation, for a price she was able to afford.

I felt I should put this on my blog because I thought her story was special. Because it's cases like this that make me take great pride in my expertise, my philosophy, and my business.

I first came to ADHP in April 2011 in tears and as a last resort. I was 33 years old & had already had to have 2 teeth removed due to failed root canals and was needing a 3rd removed for the same reason. These missing teeth were back teeth so they were not visible but missing them made it difficult for me to eat certain foods & also made me very self conscious.

I visited the dentist office at Camp Pendleton and was given a quote for treatment. The quote they gave me was to redo a failed root canal (This was my 3rd tooth that failed & they could not guarantee any success at a cost of $1,236) and one implant ($4,633). So, $5,869 was out of my pocket after the insurance & this did not even address the other missing tooth that also needed a bone graft. Left their office thinking I would never had all my teeth again, as I could not afford them as those prices.

I'm not sure why but I was looking at implants online & came across ADHP's website. The information that Dr. Barbanell had on his website sounded almost too good to be true after the quote that I had just received. I called despite my apprehension and they gave me an appointment for a consult right away. I went to the Long Beach office and was greeted by Dr. Barbanell himself. I was taken to a room right away, showed him the quote I just received, he quickly examined my mouth & said here is what I can do.

I suggest we extract 18 and bone graft 18 & 30. Allow 6 months to properly heal & then 3 implants 18, 19, 30. I agreed with this course of treatment. but was scared at what it was going to cost. Then when he told me it would be $4,965 for EVERYTHING I was beyond happy! Not to mention this was before insurance which did cover 50% of implants, up to $1,200 a year. I immediately called my husband, my mother & brother to tell them the great news. I was finally going to be able to get my teeth fixed.

I returned for the extraction and bone grafts and no problem at all. The only small inconvenience for me was the drive to Long Beach to Temecula but it was well worth it for the price. When calling to schedule my implant appointment 6 months later I noticed on the website that even the small inconvenience of the drive had been solved, they opened an office in Fallbrook, less than 20 minutes from my house. I had my 3 implants placed in the Fallbrook office with again no problems at all. I was scared going into the procedure but Dr. Barbanell walked me through it & it really was easier than the extractions.

During the healing period it was time for my routine cleaning. I reluctantly returned to the base for this appointment. During the exam the dentist asked about my implants. He wanted to take a look at them and asked if he could take x-rays. Upon his examination of the x-rays of my implants he said those were some of the best implants he had seen & my dentist did an excellent job. He asked who did them & I very proudly told him about ADHP & Dr. Barbanell. I also loved telling him that he did all 3 for less than what their specialists would have charged me for 1.

I returned to ADHP a few months later to have impressions done made for the crowns. Within a few weeks I returned to have them placed. Some very minor adjustments were made & they fir perfect. I was so happy I just kept telling everyone in the office "I have teeth"!!! When I left I called friends & family to tell them "I have teeth"! I was actually happy with everything that I shed a few happy tears.

Dr. Barbanell & his entire staff are amazing!!! They deliver friendly, quality care & at a price that the average person can actually afford. They go out of their way to work with you to make it possible. I have recommend ADHP to all my friends & family.


Kristen Vyoral