10 Reasons Why Patients Choose ADHP


10 Reasons Why Patients Choose ADHP

Recently we stumbled upon an old jewel online about a frustrated dentist named Laura who wrote about 10 of her frustrations with past patients. This post went viral, and over time became a model for relationships between dentists and patients. While there is a lot of truth behind her words, it shouldn’t dampen your experience with the dentist. At Affordable Dental Health Providers, our number one goal is to provide affordable dentistry to those who want it. Our patients know what we’re doing is in their best interest, that we’re simply trying to help fix the problems in their mouth they no longer have control over. That’s why our patients love us. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t visit our practice in the first place.

We’re not like other dentists. Our team is committed to putting a smile on your face before, during and after your procedure. Here’s 10 ways we accomplish that.

1. Trust, Ownership and Appreciation

Dentistry isn’t a one sided affair. We provide Trust, Appreciation and Ownership (TAO) between us and our patients. We spend quality time with our patients to build trust, from the moment they first call in for their Free Consultation. By building trust, we can avoid some of the problems Laura faced including last-minute cancellations and unbrushed teeth because our patients have a higher degree of respect for us.

2. We Create a Respectable Environment

Our patients respect what we do for them. We don’t grind through dental school and continuing education courses for nothing. We do it, so we can provide high quality dental services to you. After all, we’re human beings and we care about you. At ADHP, we put our relationship with you on a pedestal, making sure we’re giving you the treatment and respect you deserve.

3. You Own Up to Your Problems

You can think whatever about your teeth based on your smile, but when it comes to taking a closer look at what’s going on inside your mouth, only your dentist will know. So, if we tell you there’s a problem with your teeth, flat out denying it will only make you look silly. It’s not like we’re giving you grave news, just that your teeth need work on for your benefit. We find it cool our patients own up to their problems, as it shows they are responsible and trust us to do what’s right.

4. We’re Committed to Your Wellbeing

At ADHP we do our best to make sure you’re getting a treatment you’ll be happy with. In previous cases, we’ve found alternate solutions to dental implants that’ve helped save rotting teeth and restore a person’s smile. Our commitment to your wellbeing is what keeps us going every day.

5. We’re Transparent about our Dental Costs

Far too often do you see patients bring up expensive costs they didn’t know about when they visited their dentist. Our advantage to you at ADHP is we make our prices available online and up front. We understand dental services can be expensive, which is exactly why we have taken steps to make our treatments affordable. Our truthfulness is a huge appeal for our patients. They’ll come in and get treatment, then brag years later about how they got affordable dental implants while their friends are stuck with dentures (and probably hate their dentist too).

6. Our Patients Come First, Not Our business

Dentistry is a business. However, it’s not like other businesses where profit is the only thing you’re looking at. We learned early on that if we put our patients first, our business will take care of itself. Our agenda includes a high quality of service, dependability, reliability, assuredness and empathy. All of this comes way before our needs.

7. We Understand the Law of Reciprocity

One thing we’ve learned over the years is to give our patients room to schedule their appointment. We make sure to leave plenty of room on our schedule block and that we never double book. Doing this gives our patients more freedom, and thus we see less cancellations. Sure, we still see last-minute cancellations, but we’re not here to fret about them. We rarely see them because our patients respect our time as much as we respect theirs.

8. Our Procedures are Painless

It’s 2018. We have the most advanced tools in dentistry. There’s no reason for you to experience pain or discomfort while at the dentist. We understand if you feel safe, you’ll be more inclined to work with, not against us. We build that trust early with our patients, so they feel safe. We’ll know if you’re afraid based on physical responses including tight muscles, enlarged tongue and ropy saliva.

9. High Quality is a Must

At ADHP, we provide quality assurance. We do so by using the latest in laboratory materials, products and screening technology. On top of that, our dentists continue to expand their curriculum vitae by attending continuing education courses.

10. We’re Optimistic at Our Practice

The last place you want to go to is a practice that only makes you feel terrible about yourself. That’s not what ADHP is all about. We’ll provide reassurance on a consistent basis. After all, you’re looking to leave with a smile on your face, feeling better about your teeth now and in the future.

ADHP is home to the most affordable dental implant prices in all of Southern California. We provide exceptional quality and service to everyone that comes into our doors. For more information, or to schedule your Free Consultation, contact us online or by phone at (800) 959-3732.