High Level Dental Implant Q & A Session


High Level Dental Implant Q & A Session

I recently engaged in a fairly detailed Q&A session with a dental assistant located on the east coast who is considering sending her parents to my office here in Downey, Ca. She had very specific questions about my methods and my practice that used industry terminology, so this Q&A may be hard to follow to the casual reader. But anyone fairly well-versed in medical terminology should be able to follow it without problems. For those people I thought this Q&A might be helpful so I decided to post here on my blog for them to read.

QDo you do a lot of implant dentures or do you prefer the route of fixed prosthesis for edentulous patients?

AWe do all types. I prefer removable appliancers attached to bars by locators.

QWhat company do you get your implants from?

AHi Tec implants made in Israel.

QDad's first dentures are about 1 1/2 years old. I guess another question is: If mom and Dad would come to your office for implants/prosthesis, you would probably need them to visit no less than twice, right?

AMultiple visits are necessary. I treat those from far away but it is challenging for both sides, but doable. Problem always is who on you end will help with problems if they occur.

QI know if we wouldn't be living on opposite coasts, there really wouldn't be any question of whether or not it is feasible for me to send them to you for treatment. Or do you have any other periodontist that you could recommend that would be closer to the East coast and doesn't have sky scraper prices?

AI know no one else with my philosophy. My peers think I am nuts.

QHow many implants would you generally place per arch for implant retained dentures? (I know that depends on a lot of factors.) (Do you use mini implants?)

AUp to eight implants.

QAlso if you had to do a bone graft and sinus lift, for the maxillary arch, do you have a ball park idea of what range that fee would fall into?

AI have implants that are cylindrical. internally threaded, and are 2.4 mm in diameter. I only use narrow implants if I have no alternatives. I do not believe I use what a lay person considers a mini implant. I charge $1200 for a sinus elevation.

QAre you able to use existing dentures that are in great condition and quite new yet, to convert them to implant retained dentures?

AWe commonly use existing dentures if the locators are not attached to a bar. Although there are exceptions, installing a bar into an existing denture is sometimes difficult.

QI was wondering if you have a general idea of what the fee would be for implants and locators/bar for U/L implant retained dentures, plus converting conventional dentures to implant retained?

AThis is a very hard question to answer; Upper reconstruction varies from 12K-20K, lower from 4.5K-15K.

I hope these answers help.