Same Day Dental Implants

dental implant

In many instances we can place your dental implants the same day as we provide your dental implant consultation. If extractions have already been completed (and sufficient bone has re-grown) we can place your implant or implants in less than 15 minutes each.

If extractions must take place before implant placement, we can do that at the first appointment including grafting the socket (the space where the extracted root was taken from). Bone grafts usually have to heal 5 months before implants can be placed in the former position of the extracted root. The smaller the socket the less time necessary for complete healing.

How long do same day dental implants take to heal?

Once an implant is placed ordinarily you have a healing time of 4 months for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper jaw before an impression can be made for the implant crown or other prosthetic devise to be placed upon the implant or implants.

Are there any exceptions to that rule?

There are exceptions to the healing time rules that allow the placement of a crown or crowns the same day the implant is placed. This decision (including fee determination) is made on a case by case basis. We recognize that many of you may drive a long distance in order to obtain service from me. When making your first appointment our expert staff will discuss your specific questions related to dental implants with you. Our staff can answer many questions about dental implant procedures including costs.

Can I give you my current dental treatment plans, x-rays or CAT scans?

You can send us your x-rays, CAT scan or your current treatment plans by others and we can answer specific with more precision. If it is decided that a same day implant can be done before or at this initial consultation, we are often willing to stay open even after regular business hours in order to make sure we complete the procedure or procedures you needed if appropriate. We have a cat service that will come to your home before or after your initial visit with me. We have used this company for several years. The quality of their product is excellent and we are aware of no service that charges less then they do.

Its important to note that bone graft and extraction fees are not included in our dental implant pricing. If you need these services they are an additional fee. You can review pricing for these services on our dental prices page.

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